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How moving companies in Bangalore label boxes after packing them?

Moving companies are expert at Packing and offering safe door to door transportation, but when the customers have less than a household items for transportation and other shipment are in the truck it becomes very necessary to indentify clients’ materials and to ensure the customers get all his materials without being lost n transit. It is requires Marking the boxes so that moving companies can easily identify the items and also to get clarity on

  1. 1. Who’s Materials it belongs to?
  2. 2. Where the material needs to be shipped

This confusion can be managed by MARKING THE BOXES OR LABELING THE BOXES.

Labeling or Marking the boxes for moving:

Labeling is for easy identification of materials and every moving company follow it very religiously, though it depends on company to company how they do it. Some movers like to Mark it with

  1. Docket Number
  2. 2. Clients Name
  3. 3. Destination Name
  4. 4. All the Above

But, the best and easiest way is to keep ensure you keep all the four details, we like to keep it in same order, we provide all the 4 details to remove all the possible reason for cargo lost in transit.

Docket Number: is by far most common method followed by moving companies as every docket issued to the customers is unique and their cannot be two similar number docket so absolutely no chances of confusion and when the packing supervisor get all your household things packed he would Mark all the moving carton boxes and other household assets with that docket number simultaneously so that no goods are left without marking upon them,

How do they Mark or label the boxes?

The moving companies Mark the boxes with

1. Market Pen Water proof maker pen can be a solution to label the boxes as the ink stay permanently on any surface be it cardboard boxes, Plastic crates or even Sheet materials as water proof pens will ensure the ink stays for longer and water would not affect the marking.

2. Sticker Color Coding with sticker is also a fantastic way to identify the baggage of the customers and destination, using different color sticker on the boxes can help understand the details with matching paper. Fragile sticker would also help in identifying the delicate items and loading team would handle these labeled items with fragile sticker more carefully.

3. Paper Slip Old school moving team would bet on paper slips with all details like Customers Name, Docket Number, Destination details, Item Number and Contact Number. This method is time consuming but surely most preferred and safer way to label the boxes. With my experience we have Zero loss of baggage as this has been so very way to get things right. Paper Slip marking method of labeling the boxes gives full control and also ensures nothing is lost in transit.

Common questions about Packers & Movers

Once you label the boxes, you can also write other details on the moving boxes given full description on the face of the boxes – Like Delicate items or Fragile Items. Being more specific it can also mentioned as a Glass Item on the moving boxes. Some moving companies also provides handling instruction like- Handle with Care or Fire Safety or No Hooks kinds of instructions can be labeled on the boxes for loading and unloading team on care to be taken for boxes transportation.
Yes, Address along with Contact number can be mentioned on the moving boxes, when you have only few carton boxes to be moved you can also provide the From Contact Address and also mention destination Address and Contact Number. This slip labeling method is most followed by courier companies.
As told there is no single method practiced for labeling in moving business, every agency have their own specify style of labeling the boxes, so when you hire a packers and movers you can also ask how you want them to label or mark the boxes.

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