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How Packers and Movers move Household Goods?

Human mind is always curious and want to explore new territory, learn new culture, Expand business and some look for peaceful life far from hustles of city life. Now with the growth of technology and in search of better life people move to cities from village and then always eager to find a bigger and better job opportunities when their talent and skills are appreciated and above all their Income also grow giving rise to higher saving for their old times. This frequent movement of human has also given rise to new business industry “Relocation Business” and In India it is called “Packers and Movers Business”.

Packers and movers Business has seen the growth since 1990 after the IT sector saw the boom and many IT Parks were also opened in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, NCR Areas covering Delhi , Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad and many small Tier 2 Cites like Mysore, Hubli, Bhopal, Jaipur , Trivandrum, Cochin has also grown with the rise of IT Sector. Prior 1990 moving business was mainly supporting only for Transportation of household goods for Army Personnel, Bank Employees, State Government employees and Central Government Employees and Some Major Automobile Manufacturing companies. In 1980 it was seen that major cities had only about 4-5 companies offering packing and shipping services but now 2020 every major cities have more than 300 major full time moving companies and about 1000 Part time movers who take the advantage during summers when the business is at peak.

What are Packers and Movers?

Packers and Movers are specialized professionally trained team of people who help individual pack and move their household items or Office goods from one location to another with complete packing services, loading services, Unloading services and Safe transportation. These moving companies have gained expertise in handling delicate and fragile home furniture after providing most secured packaging services.

What are the processes followed by Packers and Movers companies for household Shifting Moving companies upon receiving request for shifting they do the following procedure to complete the task

1. Pre move Survey When the prospective client is looking to make a shifting for his/ her home articles he gives a call to the moving companies to get more clarity on shifting and check the price charged by packers and movers over a call. But this has method has many drawbacks and many times customer misses out on some articles, that’s when packers and movers request the client to conduct home survey so that the client and the moving companies gets the complete clarity on size of the move, Availability of parking space for the truck and even the number of manpower needed to complete the shifting job. Pre move analysis gives full knowledge of customer’s assets and gives the clarity to the shipping companies and company would be able to offer exact moving estimate. In the absence of Pre move survey their always the doubt on both side and last minute confusion can always ruin the day of moving and often leads to unpleasant experience.

2. Scheduling packing date Once the pre move is done the customers and moving companies knows exactly how and what to be moved and better prepared to offer a good moving services, Customers schedules the moving date and fixes the moving date and pick up time with moving agency.

3. Organizing packing service On the moving date the shipping team arrives with the truck and packaging material along with packing team as per the agreed pickup time. The packing team covers the floor area with a good floor carpet and also corner walls with protection cover to avoid the damage to the property. Packing team then with the help of good quality packaging materials starts to pack all household items professionally and place all fragile items in to the boxes. There is always a supervisor accompanying the truck who foresee about the right packaging solution is offered by the team and start labeling the boxes and other home articles. This is very important aspect of moving long distance to avoid the mix up and so that no items are lost in transit.

4. Arranging manpower: After the completion of Packing the loading team will assist with loading the items in to the truck and moving companies will deploy sufficient man power for the job depending on the size of the move generally to move 2 Bed room houses it requires at least 04-05 manpower to pack and load the truck before the agreed time.

5. Truck hiring services:Once the packing is completed the moving company arranges a agreed size of the truck for transportation of packed goods, during the pre move survey it is mutually agreed on the method for transportation
1. Full Truck Transport Service (FTL)- Here the customers agrees to pay for the full truck charges for moving household materials and moving companies are not allowed to share the empty space area for any other materials i.e. by contract the truck should exclusively carry only one customers materials irrespective of the empty space in the vehicle. A customer pays for the complete vehicle for the reason that he is not willing to risk his or her home items from getting damaged.
2. Less than truck Load (LCL) or Consolidate Freightage- In this customers having very few home items and do not wish to pay for empty space area in the truck. The customer pays only for the items he or she moves in the truck and allows moving companies to accommodate other customer’s items to move in the same truck and save on the freight amount.

6. Loading Services: Once the packaging is done by the professional packing team it for the loading team to start loading the truck safely. Loading team are professional in placing the household items securely as they are experienced in safely accommodating items for safe transportation. They are experienced and qualified as they place heavy goods first in the truck and light materials like carton box over the heavy items like Chester , tables and almirahs and provides better space management.

7. Moving Documentation: Once the truck is loaded and ready to move items to the new location or destination, the site supervision will prepare the documentation He list all the home items as a inventories moved by the company so that nothing is missed during delivery and also offer Docket like LR Copy, Packaging list, Invoice and Cash receipt. Site Supervisor is also responsible to check the vehicle permits and collects the payment upon completion of moving job.

8. Insurance Arrangement for transit: Let’s agree every moving as some part of hidden risk like Road Accident, Fire and Natural Calamities as termed a Act of God in the insurance company jargon. These risk are not controlled in nature, So Moving companies also arrange for transit Insurance to cover the transportation risk to cover the financial loss in the event of any damage to the customers property in transit. Customers always have an option of covering for Full risk coverage and partial risk loss for only valuables he or she prefers to cover. Insurance policy is also provided to the customers after packing as a part of documentation process.

9. Safe Transportation: Once the documentation is handed over to the customer after the loading the truck, the vehicles is on its way to new customer’s location for delivery. Here the moving companies are fully responsible to properly lash the materials inside the truck to avoid the bumping of material in transit and minimize the loss. Before hiring the truck the moving companies will check on

  1. -Drivers Valid License
  2. -Truck Permits
  3. -Condition of the Vehicle
  4. -Route taken by vehicle to reach destination
  5. -Tyre condition
  6. -Engine Functionality
  7. -Oil and greasing the vehicle
  8. -Security locking the doors of vehicle
  9. -Escorting the vehicle (If Desired by Client)

10. Unloading Service Once the truck arrives at the destination, the professionally trained labors will place the vehicle in parking zone and will safely unload all the household goods from the vehicle to the customer’s new house. They will also go through the Inventory list and ensure nothing is missing in process or lost in transit.

11. Unpacking Service: Once all the household goods are unloaded from the truck and moved to clients new house the unpacking team would remove the packaging material and place the heavy furniture in the client’s new house as per direction of the customers. They would also help customer unpack all the moving boxes and start emptying them.

12. Waste Material Disposal :After the completion of unpacking, the moving companies takes all the waste packing materials from the customer and dispose them off as the directive of government guidelines or take it back to their warehouse for disposal at later stage. So, that customer can enjoy a good stay at their new home.

13. Ensuring Bills are Claimed: However the job of movers and packers and far from over it is also the duty of moving companies to ensure the customer bills are settled by working companies that customer is employed at. Few employers request for additional documented proof and it becomes the duty of moving companies to support customers gets his bills settled by his or her employer.

But that’s far from over during Covid 19 Moving companies are also required to protect the safety of its customers and working staff also. They are required to offer Sanitization services with good sanitizer as per the Guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization) before and after the shifting.

Every staff should mandatorily have

  1. -Regular Health checkup
  2. -Wear Mask
  3. -Wash Hands Regularly
  4. -Hand gloves

These are some additional job every moving companies should follow to avoid the Corona Virus Spread.

How Packers and Movers in Bangalore make House goods shifting Service safe and Affordable?

Bangalore Packers and Movers are exceptionally brilliant and ever learning to upgrade the techniques of moving by using the advance moving equipments and using best packaging materials. They are more organized and use the technology to build moving business in Bangalore. Among the numerous packers and movers in Bangalore service providers there are always dire shortage of good and professional moving agency that can make shifting a pleasant and affordable for customers to hire a packers and movers.

Packers and movers in Bangalore are good at providing safe and affordable packing and moving services for customers, they use

-Good Quality Packaging Materials: Packers and movers Bangalore use top quality packaging materials like bubble sheet, cardboard sheet and stretch wrap offering full protection to household items and ensuring home items safety for transportation.

-Skilled Manpower: Highly skilled and experience labors make things lot more easier for customers as they have technically expertise on usage of packaging materials and skills to safeguard customers valuables like furniture, Electronic items and other household valuables. Bangalore labors are also expert in handling household shipment for safe loading and unloading from and to the truck.

-Low Cost Transport Solution Bangalore also has high traffic for truck transportation and vehicles are easily available for every city in India from Bangalore. This eases the lead time and makes lot easier for moving companies to supply vehicle for customer’s requirement and reduces the delivery lead time.

These are few reasons why Bangalore packers and movers companies can make your household shifting affordable and safe for transportation.

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