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How packers team keep Physically fit for Shifting?

Packing and moving is highly physical job and every team member needs to stay fit to ensure they do not hurt themselves during handling the cargo for the customers. The team members are required to have good strength and high muscle fitness for doing the physical work on daily basis. It is very important to keep the fitness always at peak and paying attention to health is very important for best performance and quick work. They should also work on mind health at the same time for effective performance.

1. Regular Exercise:
Every team member should pay attention to his health and should exercise regularly to stay fit, one can join the gym for overall fitness, but with moving business erratic work schedule makes it tough. But, that should not be the reason to ignore health. One can do some basis home exercise like push up and pull up for upper body strength and can also do some leg exercises like squats and lunges for lower body strength training. Running or even walking benefits are no secret and can easily be performed anywhere. It is equally important for moving team to be mentally fit and that can easily be done with meditation and by practicing yoga on daily basis.

2. Proper Clothing:
Moving team has to do lot of physical work and that’s when the sweat a lot, this excess perspiration can become a cause of worry as rashes can be formed. So, it best advised to wear loose cotton clothes to avoid the rashes and other skin disease that way be formed due to sweat.

3. Eat Right:
Fitness without the good quality food cannot be imagined, fitness gets complete with right source of food and should have good meal for high level of performance. Our team members survive and fuel the body with Carbohydrates for essential energy requirement and rice and roti offers the source of energy and for muscle strength they need to depend on animal meat for extra strength. Early breakfast starts with eggs and rice items and mid day lunch meal and dinner is with Dal, rice and lots of vegetables.

4. Meditation:
If food and exercise is for body and soul, then yoga and meditation is for mind. Lets agree packing and moving is a stressful and highly physical work and with erratic customers it becomes even more important to keep the mind calm and what better way than meditation. Pranayam like alom – vilom and kapalbathi are good breathing exercise to relax mind and provide oxygen to the mind.

It is very essential for movers team members to keep both the body and mind relaxed during the work and stress should not drain them easily. So, we always pay attention to employee’s health as they are the asset to the company. A fit employee can produce good results and perform better.

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