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Office Relocation

Office Relocation Packers and Movers Bangalore

Choose the office relocation experts in Bangalore with the most comprehensive project management and planning services for a streamlined and cost-effective business move. As professional office movers and packers company in Bangalore, we provide exceptional support for a comprehensive relocation. Our services include Relocation Planning and Management, Office/Systems Furniture Planning and Management, and Structured Cabling Design and Management. Call for more information.

What you can expect from our office moving service? After diligently working with you to understand the exact scope of your business moving project, your relocation coordinator will walk your space to determine an accurate budget, the duration of your relocation, total man-hours required to execute the relocation and an initial schedule of events. Your employees will be prepared during the Moving & Relocation Meetings conducted by your Relocation Manager, and your Relocation Director will be present at all times should any questions or issues arrive during the move.

From packing materials and instructions to labeling furniture and moving filing cabinets, storage cabinets and safes, Sharma packers and movers will covers every aspect of your commercial move. By utilizing color-coding and a furniture layout guide, our office furniture movers ensure every component is inventoried and placed in its proper position within the new office space. We also provide modular furniture transportation if needed during your commercial moving project.

Benefits of Using an External Office Moving Company Bangalore: Move Management Services

When looking for Bangalore office packing and moving companies, you should consider what involvement you need from them. Some companies may only offer a moving service and not have the expertise to manage the move in the way you require. Sharma packers and Movers Moving Services don’t just offer a basic relocation service. We have a whole move management service available which sees us use our expertise throughout the process. Using an external commercial moving Bangalore team for office moves can have great benefits for a business.

As a dedicated team of expert office movers, we are well-attuned to the needs and desires of our clients, who often use the opportunity to relocate as a chance to rejuvenate their businesses and look towards a profitable new future. Indeed, we understand the importance of a swift move when it comes to business success, and try to transfer all items to their new homes within a matter of days, often over a weekend.

We are considerate of the need to keep business disruption to a minimum, so train all of our staff to practice discretion and courtesy while undertaking a job. What’s more, we typically undertake our work out of business hours, something particularly important for organizations that are client-facing.

To ensure your colleagues and employees can get straight back to work once the move has been completed, we offer to move all IT infrastructure first. This allows all of the necessary connectivity and serviceability checks to be done in good time.

Do not worry; your searching can now come to an end as Sharma Packers and Movers are among the prime Office moving company in Bangalore are here to assist you. We are not the same as any other cheap office movers; we exceed in our expectations. Whether you need to move office equipment to another building, or you are just looking for a complete clear out, we can help you. Small office removals or larger office relocations, it does not matter to us; we take pride and effort into every single project that we take on.

Our office relocation packers and movers services are available from Bangalore to Ahmedabad- Baroda- Bhopal- Bhubaneswar- Chandigarh- Cochin- Coimbatore- Delhi- Faridabad- Ghaziabad- Gurgaon- Hyderabad- Jaipur- Kanpur- Kolkata- Lucknow- Mumbai- Nagpur- Navi Mumbai- Noida- Patna- Pune- Surat- Thane

How do I move my office to a new place?

Some tips for move office to a new place:-

Before the move (packing)

Give each staff member his or her allocated desk number.

Tell staff members to number all boxes, computer screens, hard drives and furniture. Ideally, each item type should be labeled in the same spot (base of the computer screen, top of hard drive, etc).

Filing cabinets should be emptied and locked or taped closed for easy removal.

All keyboards, cables, phones etc should be placed in plastic bags and labeled with their allocated number.

Laptops, iPads and any other valuable/personal items should be taken home rather than packed.

Items for shared areas such as kitchens or utilities rooms should be labeled in the same way they are on your floor plan.

During the move

Depending on the size of the move you may need to arrange to have company representatives at both locations; if there’s more than one truck working, someone needs to be at the new location to meet the first one that arrives while someone stays at the old location until the last of the trucks have completed their work.

Try to have the shifting work on one area at a time, especially in a bigger building. It will ensure you can be there to provide instructions and answer questions. Wait until everything has been moved in before trying to connect phones and computers. This usually means waiting until the day after the move. You should aim to have all computers connected before staff return to work again.

There are a few things you should do before hiring an officer mover. Here are some of the essentials:

RESEARCH! This is crucial. You want to make sure you're getting a good, credible moving company. You'd be surprised how common moving company fraud is. See if they are a registered business. Check their ratings. If there are complaints against the company read through them and ask you who was at fault --- the company or the person who hired them.

Check insurance policies. What happens if something gets broken by accident? Will they cover the cost to replace the item?

Make sure they are trustworthy especially if they will be handling confidential documents. Ask them about how they plan to handle these items ahead of time. This is especially important if your business is a legal or medical company for instance.

Do you offer small Office move?

Yes, as said no business in small or big, we like to inform that we would be more than happy to offer small office shifting services for with Bangalore city or any other city in India. Our expert team of professionals will pack all your office needs and safely transport to the destination offer complete door to door office moving services.

Do you plan office shifting?

Certainly, we understand the importance of time and especially when all you office operations have come to stop during relocation and customers are eagerly looking to set up new office and start business operation ASAP. We would coordinate with your office team and plan the entire office relocation process and plan the date and time keeping your preference in mind before the start of office shifting and keep you informed till the end.