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Vehicle Shifting services

Vehicle Shifting services in Bangalore

The main purpose of Sharma packers and movers Bangalore based vehicle relocation service is to help the transport industry with new and used vehicle relocation’s and movements for customers. This can be either pre/post-registration, and from Brisbane to any major city or vice-versa. All vehicle movements we do are strictly without any load or freight.

Our bangalore based vehicle relocation service doesn’t just include smaller vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and Cycle, we also provide truck relocation’s and movements to and from Bangalore. Here at Sharma packers and movers, our vehicle relocation is about the personalized service we offer. We ensure our customers that their vehicles will be relocated quick, safe and at a reasonable cost, so you get value for money.

Holders of all the required licenses and permits make us a legitimate vehicle mover. Right from completing the paperwork and ensuring the vehicle to preparing the vehicle for the transportation process, we competently handle each phase and help you move your vehicle in the best possible manner. Get in touch for customized deals.

Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycles can be very tricky and difficult to transport without hiring specialized bike and car movers interstate. While Sharma movers and packers has many years of experience incorporating motorcycles within interstate residential moves, for your peace of mind we also offer motorcycle transport via our interstate partners that specialize in interstate car transport and motorcycle transport. This is performed with specialist equipment to strap down the motorcycle and hold it within a special cradle.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping:  Sharma Auto Movers adheres strictly to safety and shipping requirements. Vehicles may have no more than one-eighth to one-quarter tank of gas in the tank when they are shipped for safety purposes. Nothing may be transported that is hazardous or contains biological products, by law. Remember to remove garage door openers or music players that are not a part of the vehicle itself as well as personal contents.

When transporting your vehicle you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will be handled by experienced professionals.

Our Vehicle Shifting Service are available from Bangalore(from one state to anotherState) to Ahmedabad- Baroda- Bhopal- Bhubaneswar- Chandigarh- Cochin- Coimbatore- Delhi- Faridabad- Ghaziabad- Gurgaon- Hyderabad- Jaipur- Kanpur- Kolkata- Lucknow- Mumbai- Nagpur- Navi Mumbai- Noida- Patna- Pune- Surat- Thane

How to Transfer Your Motor Vehicle (Car or Bike) From One State To Another

Registering your car & Bike with the government authority is mandated by the law in India. It is necessary to register your vehicle so that there is clear ownership established between the individual and the vehicle. It also helps in taxing car owners in the right way.

All vehicles are associated with a license or registration number that is displayed on the number plate. This is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) at the district level.

 Conditions That Necessitate Re-Registration:

When an individual moves his/her vehicle from one state to another and intends to use the vehicle for more than 1 year following that, he/she will have to re-register the car or Bike in the new state. The road tax/lifetime tax will have to be paid again and this will depend on the depreciated value of the car. There are several car owners who approach middlemen or agents for the required work, as they assume that the process involved is long-winded and complicated.

Step 1 - Procure The No Objection Certificate (NOC) From The Traffic Department:

The documents required to get NOC from the NCRB and traffic department are listed below:

A letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic

Copy of the car’s RC, insurance papers, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate

Driving license copy

Address proof of the car owner - This can be the driving license, ration card, passport, or bank passbook

Clearance letter from the financing bank, if the car is under a loan

You should ensure that you carry all the original documents when you visit the Traffic Police office for the verification process. The NOC may be provided after a few days. The process of getting the NOC from NCRB is similar to that for the NOC from the traffic department.

Wondering how much you can save on car insurance policy?

Step 2 - Visit The Rto With Relevant Documents:

Step 3 - Submission Of The Documents:

The car owner should submit all the aforementioned documents to the RTO and pay the applicable fees. It may take a few days to receive the NOC. As soon as the car owner receives the NOC from the RTO, he/she can request for re-registration of the vehicle in the new state.

 Step 4 - Vehicle Re-Registration after Interstate Transfer:

The car owner can approach the RTO in the new state and apply for re-registration of the vehicle. The documents required for re-registration are as follows:

Step 5 - Payment of Road Tax:

The car owner is required pay road tax again in the new state he/she has moved to. The RTO officer will calculate the road tax on the basis of the original invoice of the vehicle. The applicant will have to pay the road tax through a demand draft. After this payment, he/she can get the previous road tax reimbursed.

If you are Still Not Sure why you need a Packers and Movers to Transport Things read-

  1. What is included in Vehicle Shifting Services?

Every household today have their own personal conveyance or transport mode and most commonly today people prefer Bike i.e Two wheeler and Car i.e Four wheel means to commute from home to office. So, when you hire a vehicle packer and movers services it simply means either you are willing to transport your Bike or Car transport service. But, lately many health enthusiastic or nature lovers prefer Bicycle a means to commute from home to workplace and now we mean bicycle as a vehicle transport services in Bangalore.

  1. What is mode of vehicle transport service?

Mostly there are only 2 means to transport vehicle Bike vehicle transport can be done by Train and by road. We at Sharma packers and movers offer bike vehicle transport by Road truck transport service only and car vehicle transport is by car carrier only.